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Tourneys Mode and YouTube Replay Features for Super Smash Bros. To Come out Later This Year


Tourneys Mode and YouTube Replay Features for Super Smash Bros. To Come out Later This Year

Super Smash Bros. has all the bells and whistles now.

During Nintendo’s livestream event earlier this morning, a massive influx of information relating to new characters, costumes/skins, stages, and amiibo for Super Smash Bros. were revealed. Masahiro Sakurai had also announced two new gameplay features slated to come out later in the year. This is a detailed look of what to expect in the future from Super Smash Bros.‘s Tourneys Mode and the YouTube Replay feature.

Tourneys Mode

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There are two types of tournaments one can participate in. First, you have Community Tourneys in which players compete for the highest amounts of points within a certain amount of tie. There are also regular elimination-style tournaments that occur at certain and specific times. Sakurai mentioned that while both tourney types are already developed, they won’t be launched until August 2015 as Nintendo wants to take its time testing the online features thoroughly to ensure the best launch experience.

YouTube Replay features

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Sakurai has also announced a brand new gameplay feature exclusive to the Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros. that will allow you to post, share, write comments, and watch YouTube replays of your favorite matches. The new update will correct deficiencies and limitations found with the original YouTube replay features that failed to allow older video content to be compatible every time a new patch update was downloaded.

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With this new  feature, replays can be recorded and directly posted to YouTube. These posted video files will be viewable on both PC and smartphones. In order to use this service, Broadband Internet access and a registered Google account is required. This service will be launched a later this year. More information about the service will be available on the official website once it is live.

What do you think of the Tourneys Mode and the updated YouTube Replay gameplay features for Super Smash Bros.? Feel free to share and comment below! And don’t forget to check out the rest of the information we covered from the livestream today as well!

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