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Total War Warhammer Combines High Fantasy and Hardcore RTS


Total War Warhammer Combines High Fantasy and Hardcore RTS

Flying armored eagles?! That’s it – you win!

A new trailer and details about the next installment of the iconic and epic Total War franchise, Total War Warhammer, was just displayed at the PC Gaming Show. Total War and the Warhammer franchise has had a long and passionate history of military-style RTS gaming. Total War has been around for 15 years, and these developers have always wanted to create a fantasy themed game for years. They also happened to be huge fans of the tabletop miniature wargame – Warhammer. The two seemed a perfect fit.

Thus, Total War Warhammer was born. Heroes in the game will act in a similar fashion to agents within other Total War games. There are also new features being teased including using using heroes with your army to bring into battle and the biggest skill and tech tree in the series to date. The game is still under development but no release date has been announced yet. Oh, there are flying units too! Now you can take out your enemies using flying, oversized, armored eagles!

Are you a fan of Total War or Warhammer? What do you think about Total War Warhammer? Feel free to comment and share below! Stay tuned for more news from the PC Gaming Show!

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