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These 7 E3 Announcements Have Us Frothing at the Mouth


These 7 E3 Announcements Have Us Frothing at the Mouth

Oh god, they’re so amazing.


Over the years, an increased emphasis has been placed on giving gamers the tools to fuel their creativity. The Halo games have their Forge mode, the upcoming Doom will let players make their own maps and gametypes, and Fallout 4 will allow for mods and base building. But the start of it all could be traced back to Media Molecule, of LittleBigPlanet fame. They’re widely known for their games that allow people to create the things that they want to play. The LBP games let players create their own platformers using simplified versions of the tools they already use to make the game. This trend is continuing with their newest title they showed off at E3, Dreams.

To say that Dreams is a game may be a bit misleading. In reality, it’s more of a set of creation tools you can use to make a game than a game itself. Like LBP, you can create your own objects, worlds, and characters by using the Dualshock 4’s motion controls. The only (presumable) real limit to the game will be the imagination of your mind. In the demo shown, we saw a polar bear and its cub, a man playing the piano, a high-speed action chase, zombies rise from the ground, and most importantly, a little bear beat said zombies with a hammer. As with all Media Molecule games, you’ll be able to share your creations with your friends and other players through the PlayStation Network. You’ll even be able to edit the dreams that you download.

The possibilities for Dreams are endless. Not only is this a pretty neat creation tool, but it can be used for more than just making a game. Artists can use it for their final projects, filmmakers with an eye to stop motion animation could see this as a better, less time-consuming alternative. Musicians have an easy and fun way to make a music video. In theory, psychologists could use this with their patients in order to decipher their dreams. Creativity is an unlimited fountain, and if this continues to be impressive, Dreams will be something no one will want to wake up from.

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