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7 Batman Comic Arcs Deserving of Their Own Games


7 Batman Comic Arcs Deserving of Their Own Games

And they say comics aren’t good for anything…



Before the New 52 started in 2011, there was Flashpoint. Barry Allen decided to stop his nemesis the Reverse Flash from killing his mother (dead moms are kinda like pocket change in comics) and ended up screwing up the entire flow of the universe. Heroes were villains, villains were heroes, and anyone who didn’t have a side was either going to pick one or end up dead. Unless, of course, you’re Batman. Batman’s always good, or at least whatever counts as good in a world where Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war after the latter killed the former’s wife.

This isn’t the emotionally repressed Bruce Wayne we all know and love, though. In Flashpoint, Batman is Bruce’s father Thomas Wayne. Cue dramatic music here. Instead of the parents getting gunned down, Joe Chill murdered Bruce instead that night in Crime Alley. Martha Wayne went crazy with grief and went on to become the Joker, while Thomas went the other route and became Batman. He’s a lot more unhinged than his son from another universe is, totally willing to murder his enemies and work with criminals like the Penguin. Hell, he’ll even use a gun.

Thomas is in the thick of the action during the end of the main Flashpoint story, and this is where the game would start. The story would chronicle Thomas’ decent into Batman, from the moment his son dies up until Flashpoint’s conclusion. Gameplay wise, this Batman would play the hand-to-hand brutality of something like Sleeping Dogs or The Raid. Thomas doesn’t have a problem with killing, so why wouldn’t he go all out on the thugs he goes up against. Thomas used to be a doctor, and next to saving lives, doctors know how to administer pain. This is the kind of game where Mortal Kombat’s X-ray moves would fit in pretty well with the dark, gritty world of Flashpoint.

Of course, Joker’s going to have to show up at some point. It’s pretty much a given, but here, things are going to be more tragic, given the circumstances of their origins. Their history now is even more messed up and complicated, and flashback levels of the Wayne’s romance over the years would make their eventual reunion all the more tragic. Thomas can’t bring himself to kill his wife, so the only way to settle things down is going to be to tell her about the son you’ll never have. Good luck getting through that moment without wanting to cry.

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