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These 5 Iconic Boston Sites Would be Perfect for Fallout 4


These 5 Iconic Boston Sites Would be Perfect for Fallout 4

“Let’s go, pal.”

It has been a glorious week for fans of Bethesda games and all things post-apocalyptic with the release of the Fallout 4 announcement trailer on June 3rd, 2015. It has since been confirmed that Boston will be a primary game location; the trailer provided awe-inspiring footage of many historical Boston landmarks and sites we can expect to see including the Bunker Hill Monument, the USS Constitution, Fenway Park, and more.

Little else has been revealed about what else we can expect to find in Fallout 4‘s expansive world. Further details will likely be teased during Bethesda’s first ever E3 press conference on June 14th (Sunday) at 7pm PT / 10pm ET / June 15 – 3am BST. Additionally, an article published by Game Informer has announced a separate Fallout 4 panel with game director Todd Howard at its live stage booth on June 16th (Tuesday) at 2:30PM.

Until the arrival of E3, we can only imagine, speculate, and debate on where Vault hunters could explore across the state of Massachusetts. This feature suggests and highlights five iconic sites in Boston, Massachusetts that should definitely be part of Fallout 4′s ravaged and war-torn environment.

Harvard University

While the trailer appears to showcase the famous Arnold Arboretum, which is owned and maintained by Harvard University, we have yet to see any images that confirm or deny the existence of the school within the game. One would assume with its prestige and status as a perennial Boston institution that it would make an appearance. What would Harvard University be like in this post-apocalyptic world?

Perhaps similar to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (known in this world as the Institute), it has become a bastion for incredible knowledge, research, and development. Harvard University’s library is known to be the largest academic library system within the United States – mayhaps in this world, invaluable tomes have survived and been preserved. What is left of the greatest minds and intelligentsia may continue to reside within its borders. While a more optimistic fellow may assume such a cadre may be working together to preserve knowledge & rebuild civilization to its former glory, this is Fallout we are talking about – some sort of twisted underpinning has to be at play.

I’d like to think that access to knowledge gives way to create a disturbing caste system causing its scholars, colleagues, teachers, and students alike to hoard, deceive, and kill each other over mere intellectual disputes and disagreements. Such conflict can only be resolved in one way – gladiatorial combat, in the spirit locations such as Fallout 3‘s the Pitt, the Laurifer Gladiator quest in Fallout: New Vegas, or the Gladiator Pit from Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

And where can such well-informed savagery take place? How about turning the Harvard Stadium into a gladiatorial coliseum?

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