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The Witcher 3 Has No Level Cap Says CD Projekt RED


The Witcher 3 Has No Level Cap Says CD Projekt RED

The sky’s the limit for Geralt.

The Witcher 3 has been out for over two weeks now and gamers across the world have been having a great time exploring the vast open world and of course, hunting monsters.

The Witcher 3 may set players in the boots of one Geralt of Rivia but the game is still an RPG and other than playing as Geralt, players are still free to play the game as they choose. Earning XP and leveling up rewards you with points which you can use to boost Geralt’s skills. If you prefer fighting with swords to magic then you can focus your points into Geralt’s sword fighting abilities, if you want to increase the potency of your Witcher potions, then you can sink your points into that area of Geralt’s skill.

You get a new XP point every time you level up and today it has been confirmed via Twitter by CD Projekt Red’s Community Coordinator Marcin Momot that there is no level cap. If you keep playing the game, Geralt will keep leveling up.


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