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The Riddler Reveals Batman’s Surprising True Colors in Arkham Knight


The Riddler Reveals Batman’s Surprising True Colors in Arkham Knight

How could you lie to us, Batman?

Batman: Arkham Knight launched today, and it’s pretty safe to assume that most individuals delving into the dark Halloween night that serves as this game’s backdrop are enjoying themselves. There’s just nothing like donning the cowl of the caped crusader, knowing that everyone is afraid of the big, black bat. That is, until you find out the crushing truth that you’ve been living a farce all along. You aren’t some flying wonder, it turns out that you were a rodent of an entirely different kind, and we can all thank Edward Nigma (The Riddler) for dropping this little jewel on us.

The Riddler drops the heavy truth on Batman during the Flight School challenge part of Riddler’s side missions. He faces the bat and explains that bats are the only mammals that can fly. Unfortunately, Batman, our fearless hero, cannot. In fact, all he seems to be able to do is glide. This would actually make Batman closer to a species of squirrel.


Bruce Wayne has been hunting under the guise of a lie for decades. It’s a good thing that The Riddler finally called him out on his dishonesty. We present to you Squirrelman: The Dark Glider.

How do you feel about this new breakthrough in superhero history? Do you feel betrayed that Batman has lied to us for years, and it took the release of Batman: Arkham Knight to find out the shocking truth? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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