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The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes Announced


The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes Announced

The Legend of Zelda returns to 3DS

During Nintendo’s E3 Direct, The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes was announced for 3DS.

The game will focus on multiplayer and co-op and will bring this together with the classic puzzle-solving gameplay from The Legend of Zelda series. Zelda produce Aonuma and director Shikata discussed how they wanted to make the emphasis on co-operative multiplayer, as opposed to the competitive multiplayer seen in previous games in the Legend of Zelda series.

Triforce Heroes also features a totem mechanic which allows player to stack on top of each other to reach higher places. It’s detailed that a four player totem was too tall, but a three player totem was just right. For single player, two dolls will accompany you on your journey and will help you complete the dungeons and tasks that lie ahead in the game.

The game also features a fashion element which allows your character to equip and wear new clothing and items. These clothing and item options will give players different abilities in order to tackle dungeons and puzzles differently, adding a ton of replayability to The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes.

Triforce Heroes is all about beating the puzzle dungeons and then showing each boss who’s really the boss. You can check out the trailer for The Legend of Zeda: Triforce Heroes below.

Triforce Heroes is set to drop Fall 2015 and is sure to have The Legend of Zelda fans excited for a different take on the series.

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