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The Khans Are Coming in the Crusader Kings 2 Horse Lords Expansion


The Khans Are Coming in the Crusader Kings 2 Horse Lords Expansion

The Khans are coming, the Khans are coming.

Paradox Interactive have announced that the demonic hordes of the Khans will be coming to Crusader Kings 2 in its next expansion, titled Horse Lords.

Here’s what Paradox had to say about the Horse Lords expansion:

The nomadic invasions of the Mongol and Turkic steppe tribes transformed the history of Europe, the Near East and much of Asia. Genghiz Khan built the largest contiguous land empire the world has ever seen. And now Paradox Development Studios brings you the clan politics, the mighty hordes and the migratory push for new lands that will bring this exciting and vibrant culture to life.

The Horse Lords expansion will expand the Crusader Kings 2 map in the Central Asian plains, where the Khans will be warring. While tribal governments are already in the game, the Khans will have a nomadic government which means that they’ll need plenty of space because Nomads are resistant to the ” trappings of settlement”.

As Khan, players will need to get familiar with new clan politics in order to survive. Clan politics will include splitting clans that have become too big, fighting for dominance, and proclaiming feuds and blood oaths with other Khans.

When the time comes to move, Khans can muster their entire population into a horde of horsemen and archers so they can ride off and conquer. Once defeated, players will be able to turn their opponents into tributaries to keep their coffers filled.

The Horse Lords expansion will also bring in the Silk Road trade network, which will bring “great wealth to whomever controls the cities along the route,” and there also ripe for some pillaging.

The Crusader Kings 2 Horse Lords expansion will be the game’s eighth expansion, and it will be released “very soon”.

Are you excited to take on the role of Khan? Why not share your opinions in the comment section below?

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