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The Deadly Tower of Monsters E3 2015 Hands-On Preview


The Deadly Tower of Monsters E3 2015 Hands-On Preview

Climb the tower and know fear… kinda.

B-horror movies are a particular kind of special. For starters, they are pretty much never actually horrific, even when they try their damnedest to reach into the fears you hold deep down inside. Then there’s the whole issue with cheesy special effects alongside some of the worst acting you’ve probably ever witnessed. But, these elements that would kill any other type of movie make B-horror movies sort of endearing, and that’s something that The Deadly Tower of Monsters wastes no time capitalizing on.

Set within the DVD release of the classic works of a “genius” horror movie producer, The Deadly Tower of Monsters takes players through a series of locales containing horror staples. Clowns? Check. Aliens? Check. Giant gorillas? Check. Dinosaurs? Double-check. Throughout your adventure up the tower, players will come across countless enemy types, and interesting situations, all of which play out in glorious, cheesy fashion that keep the laughs coming.

Instead of a narrator, you have “commentary from the director.” Some enemies are stop-motion, others are marionettes, and a few are obvious hand puppets wreaking havoc on players who grow a bit too docile. Fortunately enough, being docile isn’t something that will come often due to the game being so fun to play.

Fight giant monkeys and Lizard-men as you ascend the deadly tower.

Fight giant monkeys and Lizard-men as you ascend the deadly tower.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters plays in a sort of top-down fashion while giving the player access to melee combat and ranged weapons. You can jump and roll, which seems like a simple addition, but these abilities prove to be quite crucial when it comes to dealing with multiple enemies. Timing, and the combination of abilities, changes your attacks allowing for some variety as well as strategy. Do you run in swinging your weapon quickly, or do you play it slow and rely on charged attacks? Or perhaps you like to tease your enemies so you play it close, dodging and parrying attacks all the while. This presents simple gameplay that anyone can get into, with just enough nuance so more skilled players can feel awesome.

There are multiple characters as well, each having his/her own weapon types, abilities, and status boosts. Boosts and equipment can be upgraded through the use of gold and accomplishments throughout your game. This adds a light RPG element to The Deadly Tower of Monsters – something to keep you invested while not being too overbearing to those who want to have some quick fun.

All in all, The Deadly Tower of Monsters is a fun, funny, well put together experience perfect for a long session, or quick bouts of fun. You will be able to get your hands on this little gem this fall on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Are you looking forward to battling some monsters? Loving the attention to thematic detail? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out of growing E3 2015 wiki for more news, features, previews, and coverage of everything E3 has to offer.

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