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The Coalition Shows Off Gears of War 4


The Coalition Shows Off Gears of War 4

Back to the old grind, Delta.

In addition to finally confirming off theGears of WarUltimate Edition, The Coalition showed off a brand new Gears of War title, currently just titled Gears 4.

Unlike the previous games, Gears 4 doesn’t seem to star any character from the previous games, focusing on two new characters, JD (voiced apparently by Nathan Fillion), and an unnamed female character. The two are looking for a dog like creature with multiple tongues in the middle of the night. Unfortunately for them, there’s fiery tornadoes and lightning storms they have to watch out for. And when one of them gets up in JD’s grill, well…it doesn’t look good for them. Gears of War 4 will release holiday of next year.

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