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Telltale Games to Reveal “Big News” on The Walking Dead at E3


Telltale Games to Reveal “Big News” on The Walking Dead at E3

“Twinfinite will remember that.”

Telltale Games’ Director of PR, Job Stauffer, tweeted some teasing updates on several of the company’s upcoming titles. Most notably, he confirmed that we’ll see what’s in store next for The Walking Dead at E3. While we have known for nearly a year that the dramatic zombie game will be getting a full third season, Stauffer made sure to clarify that “it won’t be about S3.”

Perhaps we’ll be getting another mid-season filler episode to bridge the gaps between seasons 2 and 3, much like 400 Days did for seasons 1 and 2? At any rate, the reveal will happen June 15th at 9:00 A.M. PST on the YouTube LIVE stream of the event.

In addition to The Walking Dead, Stauffer also commented on their previously announced Minecraft: Story Mode, confirming that it will not be shown at E3 in any capacity. He did hint, however, that it might show up at another ‘con’ this summer. Of course, he would be alluding to Minecon, taking place in London in under a month.

Finally, he responded to a fan’s query about the status of Telltale’s partnership with Marvel, wondering when we can expect details on that game. Not surprisingly, we won’t be getting much of an update on that front until “closer to 2017.”

With these three games in the pipeline, plus Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones both currently ongoing, Telltale certainly has plenty to keep them busy in the years to come. Still, we can’t help but be surprised that they haven’t tackled any of these properties yet. At any rate, what do you think they’ll announce at E3 regarding The Walking Dead?

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