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Super Smash Bros Gets Mortal Kombat’s X-Ray Moves, And It’s Brutal


Super Smash Bros Gets Mortal Kombat’s X-Ray Moves, And It’s Brutal


One of the fun things about Mortal Kombat is the X-ray moves. Once you take enough damage from your enemy, you can pull off a series of moves that break your enemy’s bones like dried twigs. Even better is the game will show the bones breaking in glorious show motion. It’s disturbing, it’s funny, and it’s viciously rewarding in a way that only watching The Raid can hope to match. So naturally, the logical course of action would be to apply that to Mortal Kombat’s complete polar opposite, Super Smash Bros.

That’s exactly what crossed YouTube user Sterling’s mind, and thus, we have Super Smash Bros characters performing Mortal Kombat X-ray moves on each other. Yeah, it’s kinda disturbing and psychotic, but it’s also really hilarious. Man, Ganondorf really didn’t skip leg day.

Fortunately, Sterling is more than happy to continue these Smash Bros/Mortal Kombat crossovers. He’s already said that he’ll make a sequel, and has even decided to take requests! If you’ve got an idea for a fun X-ray beatdown for a Nintendo character to do on another, go on and shoot him a suggestion. Maybe they’ll include them in the next Super Smash Bros. Of course, we also need to see Mortal Kombat characters pulling off Final Smash moves on each other. Logical conclusion, right?

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