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Street Fighter V E3 2015 Hands-On Preview


Street Fighter V E3 2015 Hands-On Preview

Some things never get old.

When one thinks of Street Fighter, the thoughts that usually arise revolve around one of the most respected franchises in fighting game history. Here is a series that has spawned several movies (of questionable quality), toys, comics, spin-offs, crossovers, and still continues to push on as one of the most respected video games out there. With the impending release of Street Fighter V on PlayStation 4 and PC, many are wondering if it can still hold its ground against some impressive competition. A series with a history as long as Street Fighter, it’s normal to wonder if things are perhaps growing a bit stale. Does this latest entry hold up? The short answer is yes. The long answer? Oh yes.

Here at E3, we were given some hands-on time with Street Fighter V, and the game proved to be as solid an addition to the franchise as the best of them. Although the art style looks like the one many fans are familiar with from Street Fighter IV, there is a visual pop to each and every single thing on the screen that gives this game some added beauty. From the slight destruction players can cause to the stages to the telltale glow around fighters when activating a special move, this game is very visually attractive.

The fluidity of the combat is nothing less than fans of the series have come to expect. With easy-to-learn gameplay, the series maintains its status of being accessible to newcomers while still offering all of the competitive difficulty to those who happen to be a bit more seasoned. For those looking for something a bit new, Capcom promises a robust roster of combatants in Street Fighter V that will consist of staple fighters along with some unique newcomers. There will be something for players of every type.

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One other aspect of Street Fighter V that is definitely something of interest is its cross-platform play. Players on PlayStation 4 and PC will be able to duke it out in locations all over the world. It’s a nice nod to players who may not have the same platforms as their friends, as well as a way to broaden the challenge pool beyond those on your machine of choice.

The only downside to Street Fighter V is the fact that we still have some time to wait before we can finally hadouken our friends (and frenemies) to oblivion. Due out in spring 2016, Capcom will be made available on both PlayStation 4 and PC both digitally and physically. Will you be lining up when it’s finally available? Looking forward to beating down opponents in the prettiest Street Fighter to date? Let us know in the comments below. Also be sure to check out our growing E3 2015 wiki for more news, previews, features, and other coverage.

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