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Steam Summer Sale Day 6 Daily Deals: The Crew, Final Fantasy and More


Steam Summer Sale Day 6 Daily Deals: The Crew, Final Fantasy and More

We’ve hit half way!

As we settle into the middle section of the Steam Summer Sale, we give you the round-up of the day 6 Daily Deals.

For the past few days we’ve seen the Steam Summer Sale focus rather heavily on franchises, offering gamers huge discounts on some of the most popular gaming series around. Today however, we only see two franchises getting the Summer Sale treatment: Final Fantasy and Total War.

The Final Fantasy franchise sees fan favourites such as Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy III get 50% off, making them available for $5.99 and $7.99 respectively. Other games in the series that have been brought to the PC also receive a 50% cut. Not bad if you’re super hyped from the announcement that Final Fantasy VII is coming to PlayStation 4. You can check out the Summer Sale page for the Final Fantasy franchise here.

While the Final Fantasy series saw a straight 50% discount across all of the games on PC, the Total War franchise receives discounts ranging anywhere from 33% up to 75%. If you’re a big fan of the Total War series however and want to get as many of them as you can into your Steam library, the Summer Sale is the time to make the purchase. You can currently buy the Total War Master Collection which includes 9, yes 9, Total War games. Even better is that this collection is 75% off bringing it down from $119.99 to $29.99. If you’re interested in Total War check out the Summer Sale page here.

Ubisoft’s huge open-world racer from last year, The Crew also receives a hefty 50% discount, making this the perfect time to pick it up and get playing before the expansion launches later this year. Pick it up now for only $29.99 on the Steam store page here.

The full list of Daily Deals for Day 6 of the Steam Summer Sale is below:

  • The Crew- $29.99 50% off
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition$4.99 80% off
  • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition$7.49 75% off
  • Elite Dangerous$44.99 25% off
  • Payday 2- $4.99 75% off
  • Assetto Corsa$24.99 50% off
  • GRAV$9.99 50% off
  • Verdun$11.49 50% off
  • WWE 2K15 (Including all DLC)$24.99 66% off
  • Space Engineers$12.49 50% off
  • Terraria- $2.49 75% off
  • Total War Franchise– 33- 75% off
  • Life is Feudal: Your Own$19.99 50% off
  • Final Fantasy Franchise– 50% off
  • The Talos Principle$13.59 66% off

What’s your favourite pick from day 6 of the Steam Summer Sale Daily Deals? Has the Steam Sale got you hooked? Head over to the Steam Store page and get grabbing those bargains, you don’t have much time left for today’s deals. You can also check out our top picks from today’s Daily Deals on the Steam Sale here.

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