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Steam Summer Sale Day 3 Daily Deals: Watch Dogs, Wolf Among Us and More


Steam Summer Sale Day 3 Daily Deals: Watch Dogs, Wolf Among Us and More

So. Many. Games!

Another day, another batch of beautiful Steam Summer Sale Daily Deals for us to get our hands on. Search down the sides of your sofa for change because today you’re gonna need it.

The 3rd day of the Steam Summer Sale Daily Deals brings another franchise offer with the Borderlands series receiving heavy discounts. Alongside that you have a couple more early access games in the form of 7 Days to Die and Prison Architect. Both games offer players deep and enjoyable experiences as long as you’re willing to forgive the potential buggy gameplay and some missing features, as should be expected in a Steam early access title. Both of these early access titles receive 60% and 85% off respectively. If you’ve ever contemplated buying these titles, now is the time.

Other notable mentions must go to The Wolf Among Us, The Evil Within and a heavy discount on Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs too. The Wolf Among Us, Telltale Games’ episodic, point and click storytelling games based on the Fables comic books receives a 75% discount bringing it to only $6.24. Bethesda’s gritty, horror The Evil Within from last year also receives a 75% discount and is available to all horror fans for only $14.99.

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs the futuristic, open world action game from last year gets a 60% discount. Though it didn’t wow critics and gamers as it was expected to do, Watch Dogs is still worth a look at the $15.99 it’s currently at on the Steam Summer Sale.

The full list of Daily Deals for Day 3 of the Steam Summer Sale is below:

  • Watch Dogs- $15.99 60% off
  • Sunless Sea$11.39 40% off
  • The Evil Within$14.99 75% off
  • 7 Days to Die$9.99 60% off
  • Prison Architect- $4.49 85% off
  • The Wolf Among Us$6.24 75% off
  • Spintires$14.99 50% off
  • Age of Mythology: Extended Edition$7.49 75% off
  • Borderlands Franchise– 67-80% off
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive$7.49 50% off
  • Cities: Skylines- $19.99 33% off
  • Football Manager 2015$16.99 66% off
  • Chivalry$2.49 90% off
  • Castle Crashers$1.49 90% off
  • Shadow of Mordor- $24.9950% off

What’s your favourite pick from day 3 of the Steam Summer Sale Daily Deals? Has the Steam Sale got you hooked? Head over to the Steam Store page and get grabbing those bargains, you don’t have much time left for today’s deals.

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