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Steam Summer Sale Day 1 Flash Sale: Outlast, Black Mesa, and More


Steam Summer Sale Day 1 Flash Sale: Outlast, Black Mesa, and More

It’s a fire sale! Everything must go!

In the immortal words of dear Shang Tsung, “It has BEGUN!!!!”

That’s right ladies and gentlemen – the Steam Monster Summer Sale has finally started. Get ready for 12 days of unbelievable savings and discounts on countless titles through a variety of Daily Deals and Flash Sales. Check out our guides for our top picks and best deals for the day, and the full Day 1 sale list!

In addition to Daily Deals, the Steam Monster Summer Sale also hosts a series of Flash Sales. The first Flash Sale is already underway. New deals arrive every 12 hours, so it is particularly important to have your computer, tablet, or phone nearby for the latest updates.

In the current Flash sale, they are selling franchise packs such as Darksiders, Oddworld and Might & Magic at discounted rates from 40%-75% off. Some fantastic titles that are practically a steal include the terrifying horror game Outlast (at 80% off), the complete rehaul of the original Half-Life game Black Mesa (at 25% off), and parkour game – Mirror’s Edge (at 78%).

There are also some fantastic indie games to consider purchasing at extremely low prices such as Papers, PleaseFez, and Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Here is a complete list of the Steam Summer Sale Day 1 Flash Deals:

  • Black Mesa –  $14.99, 15% off
  • Carpe Fulgur Collection –  $9.98, 80% off
  • The Darkness$5.99,  80% off
  • Darksiders Franchise Pack –  $11.99, 80% off
  • Fez$1.99, 80%
  • F1 2014 –  $11.99, 60% off
  • Might & Magic Franchise Pack – 40%-75$ off
  • Mirror’s Edge$4.39, 78% off
  • Oddworld Franchise – 40-75% off
  • Outlast$3.99, 80% off
  • Pandora First Contact$9.89, 67% off
  • Papers, Please – $2.99, 70% off
  • Styx: Master of Shadows$11.99, 60% off
  • Viscera Cleanup Detail –  $6.69, 33% off
  • Ziggurat$4,49, 70% off

Check out the Steam Store page and start buying up these amazing deals before they’re gone! (Move quickly, at time of writing you have only a little more than 2 hours left!)

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