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Steam Refunds Can Practically be Used for Any Reason


Steam Refunds Can Practically be Used for Any Reason

Money back…guarantee?

In the most recent Steam news post, Valve has announced that users can now officially request a refund for any game played for less than two hours and purchased within fourteen days of having sent a refund request.

Despite these requirements, Valve has stated “even if you fall outside of the refund rules we’ve described, you can ask for a refund anyway and we’ll take a look.”

It will take within one week to receive your refund, and upon your approval, your refund will either be directly transferred into your Steam Wallet or via the same way you originally purchased the game or software application.

Steam’s list of specifics on what can and cannot be refunded is as follows:

  • DLC – Refundable within fourteen days of purchase. (Unless modified, consumed, or transferred.)
  • In-game Purchases – Only refundable up to 48 hours after purchase.
  • Pre-Purchased Titles – Refunds are available any time until the date of the title’s release, then the standard fourteen days/two hour rule kicks in.
  • Steam Wallet Refunds – Fourteen days of purchase as long as you have not used those funds.
  • Bundles – Any bundle is refundable, just as long as you haven’t transferred any of the items and the total usage time is less than two hours.
  • Purchases Made Outside Steam – No refunds are available.
  • VAC Banned – If you’ve been VAC banned from the specific title, you cannot refund that game.
  • Movies – No refunds are available.
  • Gifts – Once the gift has been redeemed, it is no longer refundable.
  • Abuse – If you are caught abusing the Steam Refunds, they will no longer be available to you.

To submit your refund through Steam, you must first sign in through support.


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