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Splatoon+Jet Set Radio=One Awesome Track


Splatoon+Jet Set Radio=One Awesome Track

You’re definitely gonna get this one stuck in your head.

People are loving the everloving heck outta Splatoon, even if the Miiverse posts are a bit much. One of the games it’s often compared to is this old title from way back when by the name of Jet Set Radio. Which frankly, isn’t a bad comparison, not by a long shot. But a Soundcloud user by the name of MatrixMarioX has decided to combine the two games’ soundtracks for one bopworthy song.

Splatting the Bassline combines the “Booyah Bass” from Splatoon and the Moody’s Shuffle from Jet Set Radio. The beat is actually pretty cool, and it’s sure to become infectious over the course of the day the more you listen to it. Just maybe don’t try to plaster everything in paint while you listen to it. That’s kinda bad.

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