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Splatoon Kicks off Its Free DLC with a Classic Nintendo Firearm


Splatoon Kicks off Its Free DLC with a Classic Nintendo Firearm

Ducks can take a hike. It’s time for some Squid Hunt.

In early May Nintendo showcased its brand new family-friendly shooter in a dedicated Nintendo Direct for Splatoon. Along with showing off plenty of maps, weapons, and characters, they also revealed that the coming summer will be filled with plenty of free content updates. Under a week since the game’s launch date, Splatoon got its first free update yesterday.

Rollers and splatters (it’s not as dirty as it sounds, I promise) in Splatoon now have access to the N-Zap ’85 Shooter – which is basically an old-school NES Zapper that spits paint, as well as the new map Port Mackerel. The N-Zap ’85 isn’t incredibly powerful, but “it does a great job of quickly charging up the Echo Locator special weapon.” Meanwhile Port Mackerel features lots of shipping containers and bulldozers to use strategically for cover, and gaining the high ground and the upper hand.

Plenty more updates are planned throughout the summer, and you can be fairly certain that more details for upcoming Splatoon content will be revealed at E3.

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