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Splatoon Is Getting yet Another Punny Weapon


Splatoon Is Getting yet Another Punny Weapon

More new toys are coming to Splatoon.

Nintendo of America has announced on Twitter that Splatoon players will be getting a new weapon called the Splash-o-matic. It’s a rapid-fire weapon although they didn’t reveal its stats just yet. It also has a unique look to it that really lets it stand out from the rest of Splatoon’s weapons.


The Splash-o-matic was originally revealed earlier today on Twitter on the Splatoon Japan account. According to NeoGaf user L~A, the Splash-o-matic will also come with the Bomb Rush, which is a special weapon, as well as a secondary weapon called the Suction Bomb.

The Splash-o-matic will be released later today in North America and tomorrow in Europe and Japan.

In the past, Nintendo added the Inkbrush roller weapon, which was released last week, as well as the N-Zap ’85 shooter. The N-Zap ’85 Shooter is an old-school NES Zapper that shoots out paint.

Earlier this week, Nintendo released a new map called Kelp Dome. This map is a large indoor greenhouse which features bridges and some tunnels to hide in.

Are you looking forward to using the Splash-o-matic? Let us know in the comments below.

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