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Sony Announces New 1TB PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition


Sony Announces New 1TB PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition

Two times more storage than ever before. Oh my.

Have you ever looked down at your PlayStation 4 with disgust and said “why aren’t you twice as big??”

Probably not. But for the few who have, Sony has announced a new 1TB PlayStation 4 coming to select Europe and PAL territories July 15. Although such an announcement has not been made for other territories, the US may soon see a similar offer.

1TB PlayStation 4 ultimate player edition

The console will be dubbed “PS4 Ultimate Player Edition,” and will stand alongside Microsoft’s already existing 1TB Xbox One console, which was not sadly not given an “ultimate” title, or any other kind of adjectives for that matter.

This announcement comes on the heels of this month’s leak of a Federal Communications Commission filing for a 1TB PlayStation 4 model. Though the 1TB PS4 will have double the space of the typical 500GB PS4, the console’s size will not change. Pricing for the console has yet to be announced, in case you were already flinging wallets at your monitor. Stay tuned for more info.

With digital games growing in quantity and size, not to mention the whopping 36 titles offered for PS4 through PS Plus last year, players are in need of storage now more than ever. So are you ready to house even more games on your PlayStation 4? Let us know!

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