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Soar the Los Santos Skies with this GTA 5 Jetpack Mod


Soar the Los Santos Skies with this GTA 5 Jetpack Mod

Love is like a buffalo with butterfly wings, and I’m just the humble man in the jetpack trying to shoot it down with a bow and arrow.

Ever since Grand Theft Auto V was released to the public, gamers everywhere have been attempting to locate the notorious jetpack, in hopes to hover over Los Santos like never before.

Players first thought they could find the jetpack somewhere in the world of San Andreas in lieu of a mysterious map found atop of Mount Chiliad. Unfortunately, as that puzzle has still been left unsolved, there has yet to be a legitimate way to find the jetpack through console versions of the game.


However, GTA 5 modder, JulioNIB, is currently working on creating a PC mod that brings players the joy of the jetpack since its first appearance back in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

During the video, we see Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, causing all sorts of chaos within the streets of Los Santos. From shooting an RPG while hovering, flying into someone fishing and knocking him into a river, and even going airborne while in first person, this is definitely a mod to watch out for.

The mod hasn’t been released yet, but the Youtube video‘s description says it will be “coming soon.” If you’re interested in downloading this mod, it will be available here.

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