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Watch Ryu Punch Every Smash Bros. Character in the Gut


Watch Ryu Punch Every Smash Bros. Character in the Gut

You ever want to see Pikachu get punched in the mouth?

One of the bigger bits of news to come from Nintendo this E3 week has been the confirmation that Street Fighter‘s Ryu would be joining the roster of the latest Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS as DLC alongside Fire Emblem‘s Roy and Mother 3‘s Lucas.

As expected Ryu comes equipped with all of his signature moves and combo attacks from Capcom’s fighting series. His Down-B special in particular is a focus punch lifted straight from Street Fighter IV which when fully charged will put the opposing fighter down in a humorous bit of slow motion that’s meant to set them up for further attacks. 

It’s a useful move when used right, and it’s always interesting to see how the Nintendo characters react to the various attacks from the third party brawlers, which youtuber Master0fHyrule seems to understand; hence his resulting nearly four-and-a-half minute compilation of Ryu straight-up laying out every character in Super Smash Bros. to date. A surprisingly violent and humorous video which you can see below:

It’s very cathartic to see Ryu work on some of the game’s more annoying combatants. For example, Ryu punching Bowser Jr.’s stupid grin right off his face and then watching him fall out of his clown car:

Having a bad day? Do those annoying Pokemon get on your nerves? Do you hate that all they can say are their own names? Then here–watch Pikachu get punched in the mouth, on repeat:

Master0fHyrule‘s video is strangely cathartic, and his patience and attention to detail is pretty great. It must have taken him a while to put this video together, and considering just how many Super Smash Bros. characters need a good solid punch in the gut, he must be applauded.

Are you enjoying Ryu’s inclusion in the new Super Smash Bros. so far? Which character in your opinion is the most punchable? Let us know!

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