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Skylanders Superchargers E3 2015 Preview


Skylanders Superchargers E3 2015 Preview

Skylanders has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the video game industry. What started as a simple idea of combining high quality toys with video games blew up to become one of the biggest franchises out there. Each new entry has managed to introduce new gameplay mechanics that have helped the series to evolve, and Skylanders Superchargers, the latest entry to the series, looks to be no different.

Skylanders Superchargers adds vehicles to the mix for action-packed sequences that throw players into enemy-filled areas, and obstacle-heavy pathways. If you’re worried that this has suddenly become a car game, don’t. Skylanders Superchargers still retains the classic Skylandersgameplay; the vehicles are just a welcome bonus that appear during specific sequences.

Vehicles are split into three types: land, sea, and air, and a land vehicle is included with every starter pack. If you want air and sea vehicles, you will have to purchase them separately. Fortunately, you can beat the entire base game with only one character, and a land vehicle. Sea and air vehicles are only used for side areas and secrets, so you can still get a solid Skylanders Superchargers experience without ever having to purchase extra packs.

Each vehicle is upgraded in two ways. There are collectibles which serve as modifications that change both the appearance of your vehicle as well as its stats. Then there are Gearbits which are a currency that is used to upgrade weapon power and speed. Each vehicle has multiple components you can swap out so that players can finely tune their gameplay experience, provided they have the required parts.

If that isn’t enough for you there is a third way to beef up your vehicle that isn’t exactly an upgrade. Skylanders Superchargers introduces 20 characters (some returning familiar faces, others brand new), and 20 vehicles. The fact that there are 20 of each is hardly a coincidence; each character has a vehicle designated to it. Although you can use any vehicle with any character, matching a set causes your vehicle to become Supercharged.

When Supercharged, your vehicle will receive a unique modification that you can’t get otherwise, as well as start crackling with electricity, receive boosted stats, and just look more awesome. It’s a nice little addition that is shown off the first time you trigger a combination by a rather entertaining cutscene.

Rounding out the features of the vehicles is that the actual figures are made in a way so that fans can play with them like regular toys. Cars roll on the ground, helicopters have spinning propellers and so forth. Another nice little touch that kind of demonstrates the commitment to fun that the series as a whole is built upon.

The last neat thing about Skylanders Superchargers is the fact that the portal includes a spot for trap crystals. Instead of making those toys obsolete for this new entry, you can place one into a slot and it will provide your vehicle with elemental damage, giving you an edge during more challenging gameplay sections.

You will be able to get your hands on Skylanders Superchargers on September 20 in North America, and on the 25th in Europe. Are you looking forward to this new twist on one of the most popular games out there? Like all the new vehicles? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our E3 2015 wiki for news, features, previews and more.

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