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Roy and Ryu Confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Character Roster Through Leaks


Roy and Ryu Confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Character Roster Through Leaks

Nintendo – you got some explaining to do!

Prepare for all of the flaming swords and Hadouken’s! The rumors have been confirmed!

Early on in April, there were rumors circulating the web that Ryu from Street Fighter would be joining the roster of Super Smash Bros. characters in an update based on allegedly decrypted game files from an update patch for the 3DS version of the game posted by a Reddit user, “shinyquagsire23.” The data files posted consisted of sound files containing the victory theme and Ryu’s main stage theme music from Street Fighter 2, which gave the rumor a degree of credibility.

It was also speculated that Roy from Fire Emblem may appear considering the roster already had a prolific Fire Emblem cast including Marth, Ike, Robin and Lucina.

Super Smash Bros. fans no longer have to wonder or speculate. Thanks to the efforts of two YouTubers, TripleXero and MemeScreen, a pair of Ryu and Roy videos were posted on YouTube and Reddit – all but confirming their release as playable characters.

The contents of this leak was acquired through data mining and extraction from a update patch (version 1.0.8) for Super Smash Bros. that was released in Japan earlier than scheduled. These two videos were not the only pieces of illuminating content acquired. The content acquired by the data miners also revealed that:

  • a trophy based on Splatoon character, Inkling Girl, will be available.
  • new stages will become available including DreamLand 64 and Ryu’s Street Fighter 2 stage.
  • audio files of Xander Mobus, voice actor for the announcer of the Super Smash Bros. games, calling out the names of Ryu, Roy, and Lucas & sound clips of Kirby yelling “Hadouken!”
  • official rendered images and color palette swaps for Roy and Ryu.
  • two audio tracks from Rhythm Heaven Fever, “Blue Birds” and “Monkey Watch”, were part of the data files.

This is all very exciting news for fans! With the next Nintendo Direct livestream (also available here on their page)  slated to reveal new content for the 3DS and WiiU versions of Super Smash Bros. to air this Sunday, 6/14/2015, at 7:40 AM PT / 10:40 AM EST, perhaps Roy and Ryu will receive an official announcement. It is also possible that announcement could be revealed during Nintendo’s E3 2015 press conference and livestream on Tuesday, June 16th, 9 AM PT / 12 PM EST.

Are you excited for Roy and Ryu’s entry into the Super Smash Bros. roster? Will they create amiibos for these two as well? Feel free to comment and share below!

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