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Red Hood Shows Off His Stuff in Arkham Knight Trailer


Red Hood Shows Off His Stuff in Arkham Knight Trailer

Get ready to kill. Like, actually kill.

We’re officially 22 days away from Batman: Arkham Knight, and Rocksteady’s going all out for this adventure. In addition to playing as the Dark Knight we all know and love, you’ll be able to play as his frenemy Catwoman, and his apprentices Nightwing and Robin thanks to the Dual Play mechanic. Batgirl will be available to play months down the line, and pre-ordering the game will get you story packs for Harley Quinn, psychologist turned villain, and the Red Hood, who got a short trailer today.

The Red Hood is Jason Todd, a street punk kid named Jason Todd who tried stealing the wheels off the Batmobile. Instead of hauling his ass off to jail, Batman decided to make him the new Robin after Dick Grayson left to become Nightwing. Jason ended up being killed by the Joker in the famous “Death in the Family” arc, but was later brought back to life via the Lazarus Pit. Pissed as hell, Jason took up the identity of the Red Hood and became a vigilante who has very tense meetings with other members of the Batfamily. Sometimes they work together, sometimes he gets into fistfights with Batman. Y’know, like all families. The trailer doesn’t show much aside from his use of guns and grappling hook to get closer to enemies during combat. Exactly what his story’s about and how it relates to everything else going on in Arkham Knight is a mystery, but more information is sure to come out over the next few weeks. Maybe if the DLC gets received well enough, we’ll get a full fledged Red Hood game. We certainly think he’s got the potential for one.

Batman: Arkham Knight hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on June 23.

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