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Rainbow Six Siege Brings the Vegas Games with It


Rainbow Six Siege Brings the Vegas Games with It

Long odds, play big!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six games are some of the best tactical shooters out there. The series was shelved after the release of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 in 2008, but this year, it’ll be making a resurgence. And it won’t be alone.

When Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege launches October 13, gamers won’t just be getting that one game. They’ll be getting the previous two Vegas games along for the ride as part of the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility. Even better, they’ll be bundled with Rainbow Six Siege for free. So you’re getting three games for the price of one. Sweet deal, no? It’s unsure if this will also extend to PS4 and PC owners, but if does, we’ll let you know.


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