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Project Morpheus (Loading Human) E3 2015 Hands-On Impressions


Project Morpheus (Loading Human) E3 2015 Hands-On Impressions

Project Morpheus is the real deal and is the most impressive piece of VR technology I’ve used to date. How great is the Project Morpheus Headset? Let’s count the ways.

First, Project Morpheus is incredibly slick looking and more importantly, functional and comfortable. I wear glasses 24/7 and I’m blinder than Velma from Scooby Doo if I’m without them for any period of time. Thankfully, the headset was able to be adjusted to accommodate glasses with ease and sat on my face VERY comfortably. It didn’t press my glasses into my face, nor did it hurt the bridge of my nose or slip off. It felt 100% natural.

Second, thanks to how naturally and comfortably it fit, it makes the Project Morpheus experience that much more believable and immersive. I felt very much a part of the world of Untold Games’ Loading Human, a space adventure game akin to other members of the genre such as Monkey Island, designed specifically for VR.

Literally being able to see the story unfold with your own eyes is an excellent case for using Project Morpheus and other VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, and Loading Human takes this idea and runs with it. Using two PS Move controllers, I was able to walk around a space station and interact with important objects using my own two hands. I could bring my hands to my eyes and see my hands move with extreme accuracy. Even without an analog controller, I was able to control the main character easily. As I moved the demo along, I was able to hear the words and thoughts of the main character, further adding to the immersion.

Loading Human

Loading Human.

The demo was short, but it was enough to sell me on Project Morpheus and Loading Human. If you’re jaded by the middling success of 3D gaming and motional controllers, I understand your skepticism. However, Project Morpheus and VR is beyond being a gimmick. It’s a more dynamic and entirely new way to experience video games. If Sony can price Project Morpheus reasonably, even at an early stage, they have a quality piece of VR technology that they can use to champion in a new era.

Loading Human is gorgeous, their developers understand why the adventure genre is beloved, and they know how to use VR to enhance it. If Untold Games can craft a story and a game that is as fun and interesting as their preferred control scheme, then Loading Human could be Project Morpheus’ first adventure game hit.

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