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Please, Convention Genies, Let All of These E3 Wishes Come True


Please, Convention Genies, Let All of These E3 Wishes Come True

We want it now!

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Something Real


Every year, E3 rolls around and you would think that everyone would be used to how things work. Either that, or the people in charge would realize that everyone doesn’t like how things work. Yet, each E3 brings longing and heartache, and it’s all due to hype for things that don’t exactly exist.

We already know about a lot of the games that will be at E3 thanks to the leaks and teases that are used to build up hype. But, there will undoubtedly be some announcements tailored to garner as much attention as humanly possible. The things is, a lot of these announcements don’t always end up as the best product. Pre-rendered trailers, impossible aspirations, and development hell often befall games that look destined for greatness.

The wish here is that everything that is shown is something that is well underway. Something that can definitely be delivered on and doesn’t use smoke and mirrors to confuse the masses. Give us something real to look forward to, and you’re alright in our books.

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