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PlayStation Gets Disney Infinity Star Wars Sets Early


PlayStation Gets Disney Infinity Star Wars Sets Early

I’ve got a good feeling about this…

Disney Infinity 3.0 is going big with Star Wars. In addition to characters from the Rebels TV show, PlayStation owners will be getting some exclusive content. The Rise of the Empire play pack will come a month early to anyone who owns the PS Vita, PS4, or PS3 versions of the game. This play set covers the original trilogy and is ideal if you wanna get your kids hooked on the good part of Star Wars. But the fun doesn’t just stop there. How does snagging everyone’s favorite bounty hunter first sound? That’s right, getting the Star Wars pack will get you a Boba Fett character that you can use in the game.

Disney Infinity 3.0 hits those PlayStation systems, the Xbox systems, PC, and WiiU later this year.

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