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Oh Good Lord, Sonic Boom is Getting a Sequel


Oh Good Lord, Sonic Boom is Getting a Sequel



Okay, so Sega has to be feeding their interns to that Kotal Khan dude in exchange for being able to keep making Sonic games, right? That’s the only reason I can think of for there being an upcoming sequel to Sonic Boom after everyone who bought it last year decided to bury it near the planet’s core. Even releasing two of the games last year didn’t do the series any favors, and if anything, it made things worse.

But yeah, this is what’s happening now: Sega has today announced Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice for the 3DS. The five characters from last time around–main man Sonic, his buddies Knuckles and Tails, Amy, and newcomer Sticks–are returning, and they’ll be going up against Dr. Robotnik and a new baddie D-Fekt. You may now proceed to roll your eyes and/or laugh. Also new to the game is “bot racing”, with a collectible element. Yay…

There’s a trailer above, if you’re interested in seeing it. All two of you.

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