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Nintendo’s Indie Humble Bundle Just Got Even Better


Nintendo’s Indie Humble Bundle Just Got Even Better

You’re about to get even more bang for your buck!

Last week Nintendo’s Indie Humble Bundle went live, giving indie developers a chance to get their games in the spotlight; not to mention that it allowed us gamers to grab a ton of games for next to nothing too. This week Nintendo’s Indie Humble Bundle got even better.

Three more Wii U and 3DS games have been added to the Humble Bundle, which is only available for those living in North, Central and South American territories. The three games are Sportsball for (Wii U), Runner 2: Future Legend of Alien Rhythm (Wii U), and Gunman Clive for (3DS).

In order to unlock these three extra games, you must pay more than the average of $9.21 for the Humble Bundle. Considering last week the bundle was valued at $88, that price isn’t too bad. It gets even better now that the bundle value has jumped to $115 following the inclusion of these three new games. If you hadn’t done so already, best get your wallet out. We’ve included the full list of games available in the Nindie Humble Bundle below:

  • Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Wii U)
  • Woah Dave! (3DS)
  • Mighty Switch Force! (3DS)
  • The Fall (Wii U)
  • OlliOlli (Wii U and 3DS)
  • Moon Chronicles (3DS)
  • Stealth Inc 2 (Wii U)
  • SteamWorld Dig (Wii U and 3DS)
  • Sportsball (Wii U)
  • Runner 2: Future Legend of Alien Rhythm (Wii U)
  • Gunman Clive (3DS)

The proceeds from the bundle will support the developers, Humble Bundle, and (a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing availability of computer science education in schools.) As always you have the ability to split your money between these various groups as you so desire. At the time of writing, the Nintendo Humble Bundle had raised $602,197 from a total of 65,399 purchases and keeps jumping up by the minute.

Does the Humble Bundle interest you? Then go grab $115 worth of games for your 3DS and Wii U right here. Be quick, the bundle ends in just over 5 days time.

Have you already picked up the Nintendo Indie Humble Bundle, and if not are you planning to? Let us know in the comments below.

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