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Nintendo of America President Gets Smashed in Smash Bros


Nintendo of America President Gets Smashed in Smash Bros

Is your body Reggie?

Everyone knows Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. He’s not just the head of the US part of the multibillion dollar company, the guy’s a meme unto himself and may as well be to Nintendo fans what Gabe Newell is to PC gamers. Naturally, when he shows up at the Nintendo World Championships to face off against Hungrybox in Super Smash Bros, it’s like watching the President go toe to toe with Robert Downey, Jr. in a snark competition.

When Reggie stepped onto the stage, people lost it.

You just know they’re ready to tear each other’s throats out.

Once the match started, it all went downhill from there.

Hungrybox was a little too disrespectful to Reggie for some Nintendo fans’ liking.

Maybe they’re brothers?

Still, no matter what happened, the Nintendo of America president got the best zinger ever.

Nintendo couldn’t get away with murder…right?

The important thing is that everyone had fun watching the match, and good times were mostly had by all. Say what you will about Reggie, he’s a great sport.

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