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Nintendo Announces Blast Ball for the 3DS Like a Boss


Nintendo Announces Blast Ball for the 3DS Like a Boss

Everything could be better with robots, and soccer is no different.

If you thought Nintendo was done announcing things during their World Championships, you’d be all wrong. New stages and characters for Smash Brosbringing Mother to the WiiU, and now here’s Blast Ball, a multiplayer shooter for the 3DS.

Like the trailer says, you just hop into a giant mech and shoot your ball into the opponent’s goal. It’s like Titanfall meets soccer, meaning that it’s pretty awesome just from the description alone. Each goal makes the goals smaller, and you can use your mech to disable the other team’s. The 3v3 title doesn’t have a release date, but what it does have is a trailer, and it looks pretty awesome.

What else are you expecting from Nintendo’s World Championships? Let us know in the comments below.

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