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Next Batch of Free DLC Revealed for The Witcher 3


Next Batch of Free DLC Revealed for The Witcher 3

Check out CD Projekt RED’s latest offerings.

The Witcher 3 has been out for two weeks and the title has received a great response from both gamers and critics alike. Given that the game features a huge open world with an insane amount of things to do, most players still have a long way to go before they’re done.

As if all this wasn’t good enough, CD Projekt RED announced a few months before the game was released that there will be sixteen packs of DLC released for free for the game. The first two packs gave us horse armor, a new look for Yennefer, and some new hairstyles for Geralt. The newest DLC pack is due to be released later this week and will include Nilfgaardian armor and three elite crossbows.

The news was announced on The Witcher 3’s official Twitter page.


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