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New League of Legends 5.12 Patch Targets AP Junglers


New League of Legends 5.12 Patch Targets AP Junglers

Look out Gragas, Riot Games is coming to nerf you.

Earlier today, Riot Games released the League of Legends 5.12 Patch, which they hope will “bring back AP junglers” in the pursuit of diversity. Riot Games hopes that these changes, along with the new Runeglaive jungle enchantment, will “‘unlock’ many AP junglers that, before, many felt were subpar for the position.”

Many League of Legends players may be happy to hear that Gragas is getting nerfed. For starters Gragas’s high base health regain of 8.675 has been cut to 5.5 and his health regen lowered from 0.85 to 0.5. Riot Games has also nerfed his Barrel Roll’s slow duration. According to Riot Games “Cutting regeneration and the effectiveness of his quick-cast Barrel serve to break up his repeated CC/Gank cycles and offer opportunities for his opponents to fight back.”


The Former Queen-of-the-Jungle, Elise, has also been targeted by the 5.12 Patch. For starters, her W Skittering Frenzy no longer adds an on-hit heal to her or her spiderling basic attacks, and her E Rappel now increases the bonus damage and healing of her Spider Form attacks by 40/55/70/85/100% for 5 seconds once she lands. Finally, her Spider Form now heals her with each of her basic attacks. With these changes, Riot Games hope that Elise will be better in both the earlier and the late game.

While these two characters have been nerfed, one of League’s poster characters, Ryze, has also been targeted. For starters, whenever he casts his W Rune Prison or his E Spell Flux, it no longer stops him in his tracks or halts his attack orders. On top of that, the base damage of his Q Overload has been increased and the move now costs 40 mana no matter the rank. His Rune Prison move also received a damage buff, but at the cost of rooting his opponents for less time. According to Riot Games, this was done because “Our start is lowering the maximum potential of his Rune Prison chaining (thus increasing his windows of ‘not-rooting you’)”

A bunch of Champions also received small but useful tweaks too, as Jax’s R Grandmaster’s Might now gives him more bonus armor and magic resist, while Lux’s W now shields her immediately and her Lucent Singularity now slows enemies for a longer time.

The League of Legends 5.12 patch also made some changes to the Defensive Mastery tree. According to Riot Games, they did this because “Up front, we wanted to give more rewards for investing deeply into defensive masteries. That said, we know that introducing too much disruption via the mastery system in the middle of a season is probably not the best for anyone, but we felt we could make iterative improvements (more choice! more expression!) where we can.”


Finally during the 5.12 patch Riot Games will also be releasing a new Pool Party skin pack, as well as the new Chroma Pack. These packs will re-imagine champions and their skins with new color variations. These packs will be available for purchase in the Bundles tab in the store for 590 Riot Points.

So what’s your opinion on the latest League of Legends 5.12 patch? Let us know in the comments below.

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