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New Details About Square Enix’s Chibi Final Fantasy Game Revealed


New Details About Square Enix’s Chibi Final Fantasy Game Revealed

Chibi-fied Final Fantasy characters! Kawaii overload!

Yesterday, during Sony’s massive E3 2015 press conference and livestream, prior to the astounding Final Fantasy VII: Remake trailer reveal, they had teased the release of another entry to the called World of Final Fantasy.

The art style of these new games is quite a dramatic change of pace from other designs. It is as if they took the look, feel, and tone from the iPhone game Final Fantasy Record Keeper and transformed & placed them into an anime-insired 3D rendered environemt.The lead characters, a brother and sister, appear in adorable, chibi form. The world is bright and colorful and embellishes & embraces its unique, light-hearted, cartoon style.

In World of Final Fantasy, the titular sibling protagonists travel across the world of Grimiore together and you will encounter familiar monsters, heroes, and heroines from all across the different worlds of Final Fantasy as well as new dangers and adventures. It is a completely new univerise both familiar yet novel.

The new game director of World of Final Fantasy, Hiroki Chiba, expressed that in designing the game he wanted to address three challenges: to expand the audience and accessibility of the Final Fantasy franchise (to young kids, families, and adults), create a brand new visual design, and to create a new accessible game engine. Square Enix hopes to create and offer a brand new simple, but nuanced and deep, gameplay experience so that expansive and rich tapestry and history of Final Fantasy can be experience by all.

World of Final Fantasy is set to be released in 2016 exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita.

What are your thoughts on this new Final Fantasy game? Feel free to comment and share below!

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