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New Classes and Modes Come to Garden Warfare 2


New Classes and Modes Come to Garden Warfare 2

How good does free sound?

If today’s earlier announcement of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 didn’t get you excited, maybe some gameplay from EA at their press conference will.

The demo showed off four new zombie classes in the four player Graveyard Ops game mode. For the first time in the series, the plants will be the ones on the offensive, and the zombies are running. The classes start with the Imp, a short little zombie with cute little baby legs that can call down, no joke, a robot suit. Yes, seriously. Following that were Captain Deadbeard, the first sniper zombie class, Superbrains, which has a deadly spin attack, and a fourth class who wasn’t given much detail.

Also new to the series is a solo play experience. You can play all modes in Garden Warfare 2 against AI bots by yourself, or with a friend via split screen. And if that doesn’t sound great, maybe the news of character transfers will seal the deal. You can transfer all your characters and their stats and equipment over to Garden Warfare 2 when it releases next spring, and the game will continue to be supported with free content even months after launch.

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