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New Super Smash Bros. amiibo Revealed Include Mii Fighters and Duck Hunt


New Super Smash Bros. amiibo Revealed Include Mii Fighters and Duck Hunt

RIP wallets.

We all know the woes of amiibo hunting, and yet any time a new wave is announced, amiibo fever only continues to grow. With the latest Super Smash Bros. update we were given a look at several upcoming figures that can be added to our collections soon. Now obviously amiibo are much nicer to look at and admire than openly discuss, so I’ll let these images do most of the talking.

First up, we have official confirmation that all three standard Mii Fighters – the Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii Gunner – will be available individually. Once you tap them into the game you can customize the Mii however you like, with any outfits, upgrades, or items you have unlocked or purchased, including those just released today!

Mii Fighter amiibo

Next up we’ve got a new mini-wave of Smash Bros. characters: R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch, and Falco. For collectors out there, R.O.B. will have two different figures depending on your region. The North American and European design sports the NES color scheme, while Japan will get one modeled off of the Famicom, so be ready to import that one. Also of note is Mr. Game & Watch. His amiibo is unique in that it comes with multiple action poses of the character that you can freely interchange. Check them out!

New Wave amiibo (NA/EU)

Here’s the North American/European R.O.B., sporting the NES look.

New Wave amiibo - Japanese

Here you can see R.O.B.’s Famicom color palette for Japan.

Mr. Game & Watch amiibo 1

Mr. Game & Watch amiibo 2

Mr. Game & Watch amiibo 3

Finally, while amiibo for Mewtwo and Lucas were confirmed a little while back, there is no new update on them. However, we have been given confirmation that new additions Roy and Ryu will also be getting the amiibo treatment! As if there were any doubt. Release dates for Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, and Ryu will come at a later date.

Roy & Ryu amiibo

The newly announced Mii Fighters, along with R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch, and Falco will all be releasing in September alongside the already announced wave of Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr., and Olimar. They will very likely be broken up into two or three sub-waves, so if you want them all be sure to check with your local retailers for details.

September amiibo

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