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The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free June DLC Is Now Live


The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free June DLC Is Now Live

Devil May Cry, Animal Crossing and Square Enix team up for this months free DLC

The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate June free DLC pack is now live and over on Capcom Unity, Capcom revealed everything that’s in it.

For starters, the June free DLC pack comes with two new sets of Palico outfits designed after Animal Crossing and Devil May Cry. To unlock the Devil May Cry gear, hunters will have to take on a small Gravios in the quest ‘Gravios May Cry’. Meanwhile, to get the Animal Crossing gear hunters will only need to fish out a Blue Marlin in the quest ‘Animal Crossing: Fisher King’.

This months free DLC pack also brings in Episode 4 where hunters will be given quests by the Instructor. His quests will see hunters hunting down 10 desert Seltas, cutting off a Rathains tail with a bomerang, and hunting down a G-Rank Dah’ren Mohran. Completing these quests will open up the Blackbelt weapons.

Hunters who aren’t G-Rank yet haven’t been forgotten because this pack includes the quests ‘Eye of the Tigrex’ and the ‘The Devil’s Due’. These two quests will see hunters taking on a Molten Tigrex and a Savage Deviljho.

Finally, June’s set of free DLC also includes special collaboration gear from Tetsuya Nomura, which was made “specifically for the Western version [of] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.” This gear looks amazing, but hunters are really going to have to work for it.


By completing the quest ‘The Steel Vanguard’, which involves hunting a Kushala Daora, players will unlock the purrity sword and armour for their Palicos. Final Fantasy fans make recognize this gear as it resembles the Warrior of Lights gear from Dissidia. Hunting a Apex Diablos in the quest ‘Twilight of the Gods’ will unlock a new armor set. Finally hunting down a Gora Mogala in the quest ‘The Candle of Darkness’ will unlock the Angel Wing longsword.

In total the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate June Free DLC pack comes with:

14 New quests
5 New weapons
1 Complete armor set
4 Palico weapons
4 Palico armor sets
1 Bonus Palico: Pink Pal
3 Guild Card backgrounds
6 Guild Card titles

So what’s your opinion on this months free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC? Are you excited about the new armor and weapons? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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