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Microsoft Reveals New IP Recore, Coming Spring 2016


Microsoft Reveals New IP Recore, Coming Spring 2016

Microsoft brings a new exclusive title!

Microsoft revealed a brand new IP early in their E3 press conference. Not much information was given on the Microsoft-exclusive franchise, ReCore, other than a trailer (which you can check out above) and a release window of Spring 2016.

ReCore comes from the mind of the father of Mega Man and the upcoming Mighty No. 9, Keiji Inafune, and features a seemingly barren and open world. The trailer focuses on a woman wandering the open desert with her robotic canine companion. The dog looks to be powered by an energy core, and when it blows itself up to save the woman in the trailer, she takes the still active core and inserts it into a nearby dormant robot body. She welcomes her friend back to the world of the living, indicating the core retains its “memory” and “personality”, so to say.

Keen to learn more about this one? We’ll have more updates on Recore as news comes out!

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