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Microsoft and Activision Are Totally Splitsville At This Point


Microsoft and Activision Are Totally Splitsville At This Point

Baby come back.

It’s been a long time coming. Maybe you never saw it coming, but it’s time to call it; Microsoft and Activision are officially broken up.

They had a great run as one of the gaming industries’ power couples, starting all the way back when Call of Duty 2 launched alongside Xbox 360. After that first hook up, it’s been all timed exclusives and E3 fist bumps for the duo since. However, all good things must come to an end. Activision has a new bae, and it’s Sony.

We started seeing signs that there was trouble in paradise when Activision chose the PlayStation 4 to be the lead console for Destiny, providing regular exclusive content such as PvP maps and cooperative strikes. Still, fans of the Microsoft-Activision romance held out hope that the power couple would patch things up and get through this rough spot. After all, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare still retained those timed exclusive DLCs.

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Activision is on to the next fish in the sea, though. At their E3 2015 conference, Sony announced an exclusive partnership with Activision, alongside PlayStation bonuses for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. All downloadable content will now be available on the PlayStation 4 first. This is basically video game industry of posting Facebook photos of you and your new arm candy right after telling your old squeeze that you need to take a break.

What now for Microsoft? Seeing as Rare is finally out of the friend zone, the company may have a new boo.

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