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Metal Gear Online is Coming Back for Phantom Pain


Metal Gear Online is Coming Back for Phantom Pain

Take the sneaking online.

When Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain arrives on September 1, gamers won’t just be getting the last game from Hideo Kojima. They’ll also be getting an epic single player experience that’s complimented by the return of Metal Gear Online. Konami’s been mum on the details of that so far, but a few new tidbits have snuck out.

In the multiplayer, you’ll be able to attack or defend your forward operating bases in 8v8 matches (or 6v6 for older systems). They relate to the Mother Base in the single player portion of the game, but these separate installations are the battleground for Metal Gear Online. In single player, you can also infiltrate the bases of your friends, but this is completely separate from MGO. Hopefully there’s a way to brag to your friends that you totally snuck in and took their stuff. You’ll also be able to carry some cosmetic extras from your single player over to the multiplayer component.

As far as game modes, Team Sneak and other modes from previous versions of Metal Gear Online are making a comeback. Not only will these modes have their own dedicated maps, but there’ll be maps inspired by the single player portion of the game. Playable characters confirmed right now are only Snake and Revolver Ocelot, and the player classes will be upgradable via player progression.

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