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Madden NFL 16 Draft Champions Mode Detailed


Madden NFL 16 Draft Champions Mode Detailed

Create your team of champions in Madden NFL 16

Madden NFL 16’s new game mode ‘Draft Champions’, was detailed during the EA E3 press conference today.

The ‘Draft Champions’ mode is very similar to the Madden Mobile or the Ultimate Team mode that is already present in previous games of the franchise.

Madden NFL 16’s ‘Draft Champions’ mode puts the player in their very own personal war room, on their journey as a playmaker off the field. The ‘Draft Champions’ mode brings all the excitement that comes with drafting your own champion team and is a fun and fast paced game mode new to the Madden NFL franchise.

The new game mode will include fast-paced multi round drafts. Each draft will have 3 players to choose from to build up your own team. This brings in a new tactical element to gameplay and your decisions will reflect exactly how you want to build and develop your team to suit your style of play.

Madden NFL 16’s new game mode was described as an “experience you could do in a night” by playing through one run of the ‘Draft Champions’ game mode.

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