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Mad Max E3 2015 Hands-On Preview


Mad Max E3 2015 Hands-On Preview

Warner Brothers showed off their upcoming game, Mad Max at E3 this year and provided us with the chance to play either a portion that was more focused on vehicular combat, or one that was more centered on melee gameplay. Seeing as the Mad Max movies are all about chaotic driving, I naturally started with vehicular combat.

I was tasked with tracking down a convoy while taking down a few other enemy cars on the way. Actually catching up to the lead car takes a bit of smart driving as well. The steering and handling of the Magnum Opus works well for the most part, and it also includes a nitrous boost that you can use to catch up with the convoy. The map in Mad Max also shows off a few shortcuts you can take to close the distance between yourself and the car.

Once you’ve caught up with the convoy, there are a few ways you can tackle this mission; for instance, I chose to whip out my harpoon to damage the enemy vehicles and their drivers. Max has quite a few weapons at his disposal, including a flamethrower, cattle prod, and a shotgun, so there’s some variety in how you can meet your objective.

It’s also worth mentioning that the customization options in Mad Max have been pretty well done as well. While the options aren’t quite as varied as other racing games such as the newNeed for Speed, the game still does provide a decent amount of customization for players who are interested in crafting a personalized car for themselves. Furthermore, customization and tuning up of the Magnum Opus can be done anywhere in the desert.

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The other demo, which was more focused on melee gameplay, tasked me with taking over an outpost in the wasteland. While the melee is significantly less fun than the vehicular combat, it works pretty similarly to the combat in the Arkham games. It isn’t as easy as it looks however. I was cornered by too many enemies at one point, and I found that my only option was to retreat if I wanted to survive the encounter. Melee combat in Mad Max is all about dodging blows and parrying them with precise timing, or you’ll risk losing a huge chunk of your health.

While my time with the game was relatively short, the folks over at Avalanche Studios did also inform us that the world of Mad Max will be filled with tons of outposts, loot spots, and points of interest for you to explore. Fast travel will also be made available in the game, allowing for swifter movement between large locations in the wasteland.

Mad Max will be made available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Sep. 1 this year.

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