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Luigi’s Mansion is Coming to Arcades in Japan


Luigi’s Mansion is Coming to Arcades in Japan

Move over Mario, Luigi’s coming to the arcades.

Prepare yourself for some ghost-busting action, Japan, because Capcom has released not one but two trailers for an arcade version of Luigi’s Mansion.

The game will be based on Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and while the mechanics will look familiar to anyone who’s played Luigi’s Mansion before, players will be controlling the game with a full-sized plastic Poltergust weapon. The trailers also revealed that the game will be played in first person and one frame of the trailer seems to hint at multiple paths. The game will also include two-player co-op.

Along with the two new trailers, Luigi’s Mansion Arcade website is now live and oddly enough Sega isn’t mentioned anywhere. The reason why this is odd is because Nintendo Life reported that Sega was the company that first announced the game back in February.

While the game won’t come outside Japan in Arcades for obvious reasons, Luigi’s Mansion Arcade could easily come to the Wii U, with the Wii U screen controlling the Poltergust.

So what’s your opinion on Luigi’s Mansion coming to arcades in Japan and would you like to see it ported to the Wii U?

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