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Link Goes Rupee Hunting in This Fanmade Short


Link Goes Rupee Hunting in This Fanmade Short

*insert Zelda fanfare here*

When you play The Legend of Zelda, you need rupees to buy all those fancy accessories. It doesn’t matter which game in the renowned series you’re playing; this is a simple fact. How do you obtain those rupees? By any means necessary. Theft? Fair game. Destruction of public property? No problem. Breaking and entering and breaking pots? It’s practically required.

YouTube user Callegos-Y is obviously quite familiar with this fact of life, and has made a brilliant short using models from a handful of different Zelda titles. Link seems to be grabbed from Hyrule Warriors (minus the scarf), as is Zelda in her Ilia skin. The shop owner is decidedly rougher (the juxtaposition of which just makes the video more effective and hilarious), coming from the N64 era. Meanwhile I’m not sure where the excellent Skull Kid model came from, but in any case it all comes together wonderfully.

Check out Racing for Rupees, and see just what lengths Link will go to in order to buy himself a shiny new shield that won’t burn up all the time.

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