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Lego Marvel Avengers Trailer Has All the Money Shots


Lego Marvel Avengers Trailer Has All the Money Shots


Earlier this year, it was revealed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was going to be getting smaller. No, not with Ant-Man, with Lego Marvel Avengers. The details on that game have been fairly scarce, since Lego Jurassic Worldand Dimensionswere announced around the same time frame, but we’ve now got our first trailer devoted the superhero bricks. And it looks like it definitely knows what it’s doing, since its trailer is basically recreating the best parts of the first Avengers movie. No seriously, that’s not even being cute; the Avengers circle shot, Iron Man fighting the Chitauri, the Hulk punch, ALL OF THOSE are in this trailer. It’s probably a safe bet to that the other big Hulk scene will be in there, because why would it not be? Here’s hoping they recreate one of the great scenes from Age of Ultron in the game, the scene that turned most moviegoers into giddy 12-year-olds


Just imagine that in Lego. Pretty sweet, right? Lego Marvel Avengers won’t be due out until later this year, but if it’s just highlights of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ first adventure in brick form, that’s certainly nothing to complain about.

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