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Iconic Doom 4 Weapons Revealed in Bethesda E3 2015 Livestream


Iconic Doom 4 Weapons Revealed in Bethesda E3 2015 Livestream

Big demons, even bigger guns.

The Doom franchise is known for 3 things: badass demons, moving hard and fast, and hefting big-ass guns to blow up your enemies with extreme prejudice. With the Doom 4 press conference headed up by the executive of Id Software, Marty Stratton, the high-definition gun show did not fail to disappoint.

During the livestream, a number of iconic and awesome weapons were revealed throughout the revealed gameplay footage.

We have showcased the names of the weapons and accompanying screenshots here:


Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.13.00

Super Shotgun

Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.14.53

Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.15.13

Plasma Rifle

Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.16.44
Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.16.54

Heavy Assault Rifle

Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.27.34


Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.26.46


Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.29.43
Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.29.45

Rocket Launcher

Screenshot 2015-06-14 22.28.34

Which one of these revealed Doom 4 weapons was your favorite? Feel free to comment and share below!

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